Tips to Troubleshoot Refrigerator Leaks

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If your refrigerator has leaks, you must have it fixed immediately. There are a lot of reasons why your refrigerator leaks, however, the majority of the typical cases could be fixed within a couple of hours. From leveling the unit to clogged evaporator tubes, we will provide you an easy guideline about how to troubleshoot typical refrigeration leaks 


Look for the source of a leak 

Before starting to troubleshoot your refrigeration leaks, make sure to unplug it. After unplugging it, inspect the water line leading to the ice maker. Once you can see a dry line, search the drain for defrosted water. Commonly, water drains from a tube into the pan where the where it is slowly evaporated by a condenser fan motor. The extra water won’t get into the pan once you have a clogged tube. This leads to a leaky refrigerator. 

Clear the freezer 

Typically, the drain and the evaporator is situated at the unit’s bottom part, depending on the manufacturer. Open the freezer for you to gain access to the parts. This could wind up spoiling the food inside your freezer. You might have to eliminate what’s inside the freezer and put them in a cooler. 

Drain the line 

After finding the evaporator line, eliminate the tube and put one end in a bucket and allow it to drain extra water. Frozen water is one of the major causes of blockage that build up in the lines. If you can observe that the line has frozen water, heat up the affected area using a hairdryer until it is thoroughly cleaned. 

Clean the line  

After your drain, the line thoroughly, allow hot water to flow via the tube. This can aid in dislodging any blockages that remain.  

Check the drain pan 

Cracks or holes in the drain pan could also be the reason why your refrigerator leaks. Check the pan if there are problem areas and change it if needed. Make sure to install the pan properly and guarantee that the evaporator tube has a visible path to the pan. Otherwise, the water won’t evaporate and drain properly. 


As soon as you have reinstalled the evaporator tube and its parts and cleaned it thoroughly, now is the time to check whether your leak is fixed. If your fridge is still leaking after doing troubleshoots, it is best to reach the experts. 

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