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Common Types of Vehicle Breakdowns in Summer

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Vehicles and severe heat just don’t complement well. The hot season could result in many vehicle breakdowns, which leaves you stuck on the road. Some of the problems could possibly disable your car. Here are the following common vehicle breakdowns during summer:

Engine surge

This problem could happen because of numerous issues, such as dirty air filters, which could cause a vehicle breakdown or drivability issue. During summer seasons, automobiles are susceptible to problems with exhaust gas recirculation, which transmits a portion of the exhaust back over the engine to minimize emissions. This flow could result in vehicle breakdown and blockages by developing in your intake manifold, which could result in very expensive repairs.


A faulty cooling system or a low-level fluid are a few of the most typical reasons why cars overheat. During the hot months, the cooling system of your car needs to function harder to stop overheating the engine. To stop your vehicle from having such a breakdown because of overheating, it’s advisable to inspect the fluids of your vehicle and the coolant of your engine from time to time.

Flat blowout/tire

One of the most typical causes of why road trips become delayed is because of flat tires. These are usually due to wear and tear and over-inflation in the summertime. Though newer vehicles now have monitoring systems intact for inspecting the pressure of your tires, the older vehicles do not have this particular system to determine the problem. Luckily, most service stations have a meter on air pumps for you to monitor your tire pressure to avoid over inflation. Also, you must consult your owner’s manual for the appropriate levels of tire inflation.

Evaporative leak

The intensified temperature during the summer season could cause boosted pressure in your gas tank. This pressure should be emitted to stop the gas tank from being deformed. The emissions, which are due to fuel volatility, are emitted into the car’s charcoal canister that stores and absorbs the fuel vapor until you begin the engine and the vapors could be removed. Once a leak is detected, the check engine light will turn on. If you have an old vehicle, then there’s a chance that it has a cracked hose, which is generally a fuel leak.

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